Want to do something fun this summer? Subscribe for our CRASH COURSE and learn all the pole basics in one month <3

The studio has airconditioning!

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Want to do something fun this summer? Subscribe for our CRASH COURSE pole basics! You’ll learn all the pole basics in 8 classes during this 4 week course. After this you are ready to participate in our Beginner 2 classes, just as with a regular beginner course.

Pole dancing is a fun way of getting that total body workout. In ten classes you’ll learn the basic techniques of pole dance. You will learn graceful spins around the pole, different poses, sitting and climbing in the pole and pretty combinations. Here we also prepare you for your first invert.

Not only will you have lots of laughs, you’ll soon notice it’s a great workout and you are gaining both strength and flexibility.

Studio Aeris offers small group training, this way the instructor can give everyone personal attention.

All classes are taught by enthusiastic and certified teachers, who speak English as well.

*** the studio has airconditioning  ;) ***


Monday 15 July
start at July 15th, class every Monday 18:30 and Wednesday 19:45
-> 15 July 18:30 (class 1), 17 July 19:45 (class 2), 22 July 18:30 (class 3), 24 July 19:45 (class 4), 29 July 18:30 (class 5), 31 July 19:45 (class 6), 5 August 18:30 (class 7) en 7 August 19:45 (class 8).


Duration: 8 x 60 min.
Requirements: no pole dance experience necessary
Bring: short shorts, t-shirt/singlet/sports top, bottle of water and a towel (water and towel are not mandatory)


If you have no or little experience with pole dancing, this class is perfect for you. Did you already master the basics and would you like to join us in another class? With a taster class you can subscribe for all schedule classes.


* Due to the nature of this product, refunds, in whole or in part, are unfortunately not possible.

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