Smart member

 41,50 on the 1st of each month

  • cheapest option per lesson
  • train once a week
  • for all schedule classes

First payment prorated. Next payment: 1 December, 2019


  • quick & easy!
  • cheapest option per lesson
  • contract runs 12 months
  • once class a week
  • choose from all standard scheduled classes
  • pay the first installment with iDeal, followed by a monthly recurrent collection



By choosing this subscription, you authorize Studio Aeris to send recurrent collection instructions to your bank to debit your account for the Smart Member subscription and your bank to debit your account on a recurrent basis in accordance with the instructions from Studio Aeris.
If you do not agree with the debit, you can arrange for its refund. Please contact your bank within eight weeks from the date on which your account was debited. Ask your bank for the conditions.

Each month, on or around the first of that month, you will be debited the amount of €40,00. The first payment is prorated, meaning you will be charged an initial amount based on the number of days left in the current billing period. All following payments will be the full amount.

You purchase the Smart Member subscription for a period of 12 months. After this period, the subscription will be automatically renewed. If you wish to stop the subscription after the 12 month period, you can send an e-mail to Please note; you need to receive a confirmation! You can also submit a completed red SEPA card at the counter. Your subscription will end as soon as possible, please keep in mind a notice period of 30 days. The last term is always a full amount.

The subscription price is based on 50 teaching weeks per year. The studio is closed for two weeks around Christmas and New Year. In the summer there may be a temporary summer schedule.

The subscription can not be suspended or terminated early. This is also true in the case of injury, illness, pregnancy, travel or work.

The subscription is valid for all standard schedule classes. You can take one class per week with the subscription. Classes cannot be saved or used in another week. Register online via our class schedule on

Subject to change.

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